TIPS on how to decide the right PTE institute.

✳️✳️✳️  BE SMART, BE AWARE  ✳️✳️✳️

✅ Make sure that institute is ready to offer the course which suits your individual academic needs rather than just a standard course meant for everyone.

✅Must speak to the teacher who will teach you before you enrol and not only with the marketing people sitting at the front desk or reception.

✅Do check the qualifications of the teacher and from how long a particular teacher has been teaching at an institute. It’s the teacher who gets you results, not the brand or the advertisement.

✅ If institutes are having 79+ #StudentTeachers, ask in how many attempts they themselves scored 79+. As in some institutes, student-teacher themselves scored 79+ after 15-20 attempts.

✅ Before you take real PTE exam, do enquire and request the institute to take your Mock test and ask the teacher for feedback because then only you will get to know your blind spots or weak areas. Must ask for a solution to overcome your problems as well.

✅ If your friends got results from any institute, just compare your knowledge level with your friends and then decide.  Maybe your friend’s level is better than yours. If you require extra support, is the institute in question ready to provide it?

✅Must enquire the success rate of the institute. For example, if there are 30-40 students in a class, how many students are able to achieve their desired scores. If any institute claims success rate over 70-80%, then try talking to existing students to be double sure.

✅ Make sure the results advertised by any particular institute are genuine, as anything is possible on photoshop nowadays.

✅ Before you join UNLIMITED classes, do enquire, if there are students who are still studying in that particular institute for more than 3 – 5 months. That will speak enough loud on the quality of classes.

‼️ Unlimited classes mean repetition of the same course content again and again.
‼️ Taking unlimited classes is equivalent to consuming the same medicine repeatedly even though it’s not working.
‼️Do remember that unlimited PTE classes don’t improve your general English language skills.

Please share this information with your innocent friends to help them take the right decision.

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We understand and appreciate that all students are different with respect to their educational background, learning abilities and visa conditions. As one size shoe cannot fit all, a standard course cannot precisely meet all educational demands.

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