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PTE & IELTS Coaching & Training Classes Center Sydney, Parramatta, Blacktown, Canberra

Educating someone is the most satisfying of all things possible on Earth. ENGLISH GURU, a much reputed IELTS and PTE training institute was established in 2006 in Parramatta, NSW, Australia and has since then been serving students for more than 11 years now. English Guru has enabled thousands of students such as doctors, engineers, dentists, IT professionals, accountants etc. to acquire their Temporary or Permanent Residency, Bridging Visa, College/University Admissions etc. along with enhancing their career prospects in Australia. It has been made possible by our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of teachers along with full proof curriculum that has been prepared and revised keeping in mind the English language background of students, their innate strengths and their current pressing complications. It is our firsthand experience that has empowered us to offer the Band Score Guarantee to students, right from Band Score 5 to Band Score 8 each.
Guru Mantras
We, at English Guru stand for quality education. We take the role of teachers and the curriculum very seriously, as educational success depends upon both of them. To be a Guru, a teacher requires not only knowledge of subject matter but also a thorough understanding of the student and his background. Gurus know exactly how to improve a student's level from where it is, to where it is meant to be. All the teachers at ENGLISH GURU are highly qualified, English trained, accredited by NSW Board of Teachers, having more than 15 years of teaching experience. Here with us, students get trained by the real GURUs who have the calibre to lead and inspire them to the success. So, your future is absolutely safe, with the Gurus at English Guru.
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English Guru has centres in Parramatta and Sydney but we deliver PTE classes online, nearly everywhere like Liverpool, Bondi, Penrith, Strathfield, Wollongong, Hornsby, Hobart, Brisbane, Hornsby, Canberra, Adelaide, Melborne, New Zealand, Central Coast, Pendle Hill, Blacktown, Ryde, Auburn, Merrylands, Hurstville etc.

We understand and appreciate that all students are different with respect to their educational background, learning abilities and visa conditions. As one size shoe cannot fit all, a standard course cannot precisely meet all educational demands.

Our courses have the potential to bring sure results in days and weeks. Therefore, we do not believe in the cancerous concept of unlimited courses that repeat the same syllabus again and again. Our motto is to make you clear the test ASAP.

Though knowledge is priceless, our fee is negligible when compared to the success, prosperity and happiness that it will bring to you and your family in future life.

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