Are you in the lookout for best and most rated PTE coaching institute in Canberra? Are you keen in tracing the result oriented PTE study centre near you that manages to provide affordable classes/lessons delivered by expert mentors? In that case, your search is over.

English Guru, the most popular PTE preparation centre, prides in having produced innumerable success stories when it comes to IELTS and PTE aspirants globally. With tested and verified teaching-learning methodologies, we have been able to assist thousands of students. The futuristic method that believes in imparting lessons by implementing one-on-one modality is the key to smashing the hurdles faced in appearing PTE exam. Our teachers have top-notched skills in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the students enrolled; thereby enabling us to customize the course to meet needs specific to individual aspirants. Ability to deliver cheapest and yet the most qualitative lessons with a personal touch has been the hallmark of English Guru.



Are you confused about choosing the correct English Proficiency Test for yourself, whether to go for “ELICOS, IELTS or PTE”? Well, think no more, this article will help you choose wisely, saving not only your energy, but also your hard earned money and precious time.

ELICOS costs around $3000-$4000, and takes around 6 months to complete; that is a lot of money and time! Do you really want to spend that much? Or rather you would take a hassle-free route with the best English Training Academy – ‘ENGLISH GURU’ – the IELTS & PTE Specialists!

ENGLISH GURU, a well-known institute for its quality education and fastest results in IELTS & PTE, has a success rate of 95%. We have had proven results in even 3 days’ time. We provide you with a wide range of courses, and an option to study at your own pace at your own flexible timings, at various coaching centres located near you and even online! Come and meet our highly qualified teachers at one of our training centres located at various locations all over Australia; NSW (PARRAMATTA, BLACKTOWN, SYDNEY CBD), ACT (BELCONNEN in CANBERRA), QUEENSLAND (TOOWOOMBA); and have a chance to attend a free PTE Orientation, attempt a Mock Test and even get your test reviewed by our experts.


     Having trouble in PTE Writing?

Having trouble getting your desired score in PTE Writing? If you are looking forward to get 65+ or 79+ scores, come and join ENGLISH GURU, and give us a chance to help you in achieving your goals!

If you are struggling with Summarize Spoken Text, Summarize Written Text, Write from Dictation; no need to worry anymore, we have a solution for you. Apart from our ‘one on one’ classes, we also have some exclusive lectures on the questions repeated several times in the test. In these lectures, the PTE repeated questions are discussed at length, with full explanations, not just the solutions; making your English language foundation strong. There are several websites tempting aspirants with Real PTE Repeated Questions and the solutions to them, but the credibility of those questions and solutions is questionable.


It’s a good news for the PTE and IELTS students living in Hobart, Launceston ( Tasmania ), Dubbo, Bathurst, Orange, Gosford, New Castle, Wollongong, Toowoomba Queensland or any other regional area of  Australia. Now  IELTS and PTE students will be able to take the benefits of online classes/lessons from IELTS GURU Sydney and PTE GURU Sydney. Not only this, since we are expanding our operations to other parts of the world, so very soon  PTE and IELTS aspirants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand will be able to attend very high-quality IELTS / PTE online lessons straight from Sydney Australia.

The IELTS and PTE curriculum at English Guru Australia has been developed over the years and now is so strong that once the students start lessons with us they gain confidence on daily basis, and are able to achieve their target scores very quick. Some of our students have achieved 79+ in PTE in as less as 3 days after attending our PTE customised courses. The benefit of online lessons is that students sitting in the comfort of their home will be able to attend the IELTS / PTE lessons any time of the day. Students sitting in any part of the world will have the excess to the IELTS / PTE lessons 24/7 as long as they have an internet connection. We at English Guru understand it’s not easy to get highly qualified and experienced teachers easily, as a result, students have to rely on unqualified and unexperienced IELTS and PTE trainers near them. We understand the students living in Hobart, New castle, Toowoomba has to work in different shifts and are left with irregular class timings, and as a result unable to follow the course in the rhythm. As our online content can be developed and customised to the requirement of the students, the students will not miss anything important in the syllabus without disturbing their rhythm.

Next time you search for near me, you will find us near you.

The benefits of the online coaching:

  • Students will attend lessons from the industry experts having experience of more than 18-20 years.
  • Students will get to study from professional and highly qualified teachers and not the student teachers.
  • Online students will be able to take the benefits of PTE / IELTS customised courses.
  • Students will have excess to online practice mock test.
  • In some online courses, the student will be able to take benefit of online customer support of professional teachers.
  • In some online courses, students will be able to get constant feedback from teachers.
  • Students will be able to attend the lessons in a comfort of their home and will have complete option to study in their time frame.
  • One on one online coaching will be possible with the IELTS / PTE experts/specialists.
  • Our online lessons will be available early morning, late evening or even at midnight, so no excuses.
  • If the student is new to the PTE and is not aware of the format of PTE nothing to worry as we will arrange on free of cost PTE orientation online.



We claim ourselves to be the best PTE coaching institute in Sydney, as we are the fastest in Australia to get the best results out in very less span of time, and all this is possible because of our years of expertise in IELTS and PTE. Some of our students were able to score 79+ in PTE in as less as 3 days. Some of our IELTS PTE students have given a compliment that we are IELTS & PTE specialists.

Always Students used to say English guru is the best coaching in Sydney, and IELTS & PTE students used to say “ we wish English Guru coaching institute is near us”. The reason being students had to travel long distances to Study PTE and IELTS, especially if they were living far from our Parramatta institute. The reason that finding a good IELTS and PTE institute is a challenge for the students, as most of the PTE institutes in and around Sydney are run by student teachers who themselves cracked PTE in more than 30 attempts. We listened to the students’ voice and made every possible effort to open new centres and reach near to students, so that the students no longer say that good PTE institute is not near me.

In an attempt to deliver quality IELTS / PTE lessons around the globe, very soon PTE Guru and IELTS guru will be offering online coaching of  IELTS / PTE lessons worldwide. English Guru soon will be looking for business partners / Franchisee worldwide especially in India, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi ) Nepal, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

We opened PTE study centre in Sydney CBD so that the students living in Kogarah, Rockdale, Hurstville, Alawah and Ashfield gets benefitted.  Similarly, we opened the IELTS / PTE institute in Blacktown so that the students living in the surrounding areas of Blacktown such as Penrith, Richmond, Mount Druitt, and Quakers hill gets benefitted with our best coaching techniques and can avoid long distance travelling and avoid wasting time in traffic jams.

English Guru is the best coaching institute because of the way we work. For example, in our PTE customised course, we take an entrance test of approx 3 hours and then our highly qualified professional teachers look and deeply analyse the performance of the students. Once the students work is analysed the teachers design the success plan for students.

Any student who is new to the PTE exam, and who is not familiar with the PTE exam format is welcome any time during our office hours, in any of our branches to attend a free of cost PTE orientation

Our PTE tutorials are the best as we constantly make efforts to improve our teaching methods and techniques. We have a good collection of past PTE real exam questions, which we use in our PTE Advanced customised course as a practice in the class rather than asking students to memorise the past real exam PTE questions.

At English Guru we don’t believe in Unlimited PTE & IELTS classes because our PTE customised course have more than 95% success rate and our students do not require to re-sit the exam, at least for the band score for which they enrolled with us.


PTE培训始祖English Guru, 涵盖IELTS, PTE, OET 主流英语考试培训。17年成功的英语考试培训经验,


为什么选择Guru English Training
·         免费60分钟PTE指南
·         培训计划订制基于3小时的PTE测试
·         每一学员有自己的培训课程,没有雷同, 针对各自弱点练习
·         教材取自PTE真实的考试题目
·         免费15套模拟试题
·         分阶段老师点评,避免走弯路
·         临门一脚的考前技巧提点

·         悉尼市中心校址


·         Fast track course ( 2 weeks fixed timings )

·         Sure shot course. ( 4 weeks fixed timings )

·         Customised Courses  ( 3 days-60 days fully flexible timings )

·         Advanced customised course

·         Guarantee course

·         Weekend only course  ( 6 weekends )

 详细情况咨询联系: June on 0411 016 668 (周一至周五)


New Branch Opening

ENGLISH GURU, a much reputed IELTS and PTE training institute established in 2006 in Parramatta, NSW, Australia. We have been serving students for more than 11 years. English Guru has now decided to open their success doors for the IELTS / PTE aspirants living in and around Blacktown area, as English Guru is coming up with a new branch in Blacktown.

The Blacktown branch is located on the Main Street, Blacktown, in the vicinity of public transport. As this new centre is 3 minutes walking distance from Blacktown station. For the students who use their own mode of transport finding parking space should not be a problem, as full day parking is available.

Opening this branch will benefit the PTE / IELTS students who live Quaker Hills, Seven Hills, Pendle Hill, Toongabbie, Glenwood, Kellyville, Maryong, Riverstone, Schofields.

The various courses offered by us are mentioned below.

IELTS / PTE Fast track Course

IELTS / PTE Sure Shot Course

IELTS / PTE Customised Course

IELTS / PTE Advance Customised Course

IELTS / PTE Weekend Course

IELTS / PTE Online Course

Start reaping the benefits by enrolling today!

Contact us on: 0411 520 546


Now PTE & IELTS Coaching in CANBERRA

English Guru is pleased to announce the opening of our new branch of IELTS / PTE  coaching in Belconnen, CANBERRA on the popular demand of IELTS / PTE aspirants who are looking for result oriented courses and quality education. The new premises will be located in the heart of Belconnen: Suite 10, Level 1   17 – 23 Oatley court which is in vicinity to public transport.

The CUSTOMISED COURSE of IELTS / PTE recognizes the fact that every student is unique and therefore aims to meet every student’s individual requirements. PTE CUSTOMISED COURSE teaches you what you actually need to learn.  So, rather than taking up the entire, detailed course, you take up only the PTE lessons wherein you truly need to improve. Meeting the exact needs of students has enabled us to make students PTE score 90/90 in as less as 5 working days.

Get the IELTS / PTE training from the experienced and qualified trainers at English Guru Belconnen, CANBERRA.

Our wide range of courses which will be offered in Belconnen campus:

English Guru IELTS / PTE Fast track Course will be available in Belconnen, CANBERRA

English Guru IELTS / PTE Sure Shot Course will be available in Belconnen, CANBERRA

English Guru IELTS / PTE Customised Course will be available in Belconnen, CANBERRA

English Guru IELTS / PTE Advance Customised Course will be available in Belconnen, CANBERRA

English Guru IELTS / PTE Weekend Course will be available in Belconnen, CANBERRA

You can design your own SUCCESS ROUTE, if you are sure of what you need to learn.
Leave it to our Professional Teachers to design a SUCCESS ROUTE for you.
What is special about PTE CUSTOMISED COURSE?

  1. You are taught ONLY what you need to learn.
  2. You are taught it in real DEPTH.
  3. True IMPROVEMENT is the GOAL. How does the CUSTOMISED COURSE work?
  4. We assess your strengths and weaknesses through a 3 hour PTE mock test.
  5. We use the test-results thereof to design the syllabus to suit your time and band-score requirements.
  6. Since the syllabus is designed especially for you, you attend the lessons individually at your own pace, not in a group.
  7. After every lesson your understanding of the lesson is checked; you are made to practice extensively and finally you sit a small PROMOTION TEST in that question area, before you progress to the next question type.
  8. You sit a full length mock test at the end of each module and get a detailed feedback for further improvement.
  9. You can choose any time frame for the PTE classes as our PTE classes run round the day, from 9.30am-8.00pm and our Professional teachers / coordinators / tutors are available entire day to guide/help you.
  10. Your course goes as slow or as fast as your learning ability. It can be as short as one day and as long as three months.



PTE students just have to pay $600/- and they will be entitled to:
1. 60 hours of quality PTE lessons.
2. 2 weeks- 5 weeks time to finish the PTE syllabus consisting all the four modules i.e  Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
3. Students will be  able to attend PTE lessons individually at their own learning speed, and not in a group.
4. PTE students can take absolute time flexibility, as they will be able to take PTE lessons in their own timetable.
5. All students enrolling in CANBERRA centre will get 10 full length PTE online practice tests.
6. Students will be given genuine Pearson practice material

IELTS students who are in Canberra just have to pay $450/-
This will cover all the four modules of IELTS i.e Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading
1. Students will get 20 hours of IELTS lessons which can be covered in 1 -3 weeks time.
2. Enrolled IELTS students will attend the IELTS classes individually and not in group.
3. Students will get one mock test of Reading and Writing with feedback .
4. Student will get IELTS study material.
5. Students will have absolute time flexibility, as they can take IELTS classes in their timetable.

Canberra centre timings:
Monday to Friday
9.45pm – 8.00 pm




English Guru has centres in Parramatta and Sydney but we deliver PTE classes online, nearly everywhere like Liverpool, Bondi, Penrith, Strathfield, Wollongong, Hornsby, Hobart, Brisbane, Hornsby, Canberra, Adelaide, Melborne, New Zealand, Central Coast, Pendle Hill, Blacktown, Ryde, Auburn, Merrylands, Hurstville etc.

We understand and appreciate that all students are different with respect to their educational background, learning abilities and visa conditions. As one size shoe cannot fit all, a standard course cannot precisely meet all educational demands.

Our courses have the potential to bring sure results in days and weeks. Therefore, we do not believe in the cancerous concept of unlimited courses that repeat the same syllabus again and again. Our motto is to make you clear the test ASAP.

Though knowledge is priceless, our fee is negligible when compared to the success, prosperity and happiness that it will bring to you and your family in future life.