SURE SHOT PTE is an extremely intensive course modeled to both guide and trains you for right up to 9 bands.

SURE SHOT PTE is an extremely intensive course modeled to both guide and trains you for right up to 9 bands. It is neither a crash course nor a short term course.  As the name suggests, Sure Shot Course is a definite and proven way to smash PTE in the very first go. It stands for a thorough preparation, preparation as good as anyone can hope for.

This course is your best choice:

  • If you are tired of shortcuts and want to prepare thoroughly for your PTE test now.
  • If you want a course that gives you the very absolute in knowledge.
  • If you want a course that not only updates you with the tricks but also gives you extensive practice at them.

If you want to take up a course that has the potential to make you clear the test in the very first go.


SURE SHOT course is a month’s course, where one entire week is devoted to each module with an aim to ensure your complete grip over the module and all its question types. You undergo the detailed lessons, immediately followed by their extended practice and a short test, all under the guidance of a qualified teacher. In this course, the teacher takes up one particular question type each day and thoroughly trains you at it.   This breaking up of modules by question types helps you to master the four modules effortlessly.  Since there are too many question types in PTE, individual handling of question types, day wise also prevents confusion, creates clarity, enhances deeper understanding and facilitates longer retention of the navigation learnt and practised by you in the class. The best part of this course is that you can self-witness your improvement every single day, which instills in you much-needed self-confidence, day by day, and every day!!!
It is a four weeks course that runs Monday to Friday every day.

Learning times amounts to 60 hours of guidance from the teacher.

Morning: 09.30-12.30 pm | Evening: 06.00-09.00pm
This course is the teachers’ and students’ absolute favourite as nearly every student who has joined this course has achieved his/her aimed score in the very first or at the most, by the third attempt.
Students have achieved up to 8.5 bands overall after undergoing SURE SHOT PTE training.
This course is by itself sufficient enough to make you reach 6 and 7 bands, even if you are unable to take up any extra practice, though for 8, additional practice, apart from the lessons, is mandatory.
We know everyone loves EXTRA, so apart from quality lessons we provide you three books, 16 mock tests, 25 sample essays, collocation list, phrasal verb list and a PTE vocabulary enhancement book when you join this course. Moreover, our GURUKUL is happy to have you to practice, as long as you please.
Knowledge is priceless and our service fee is negligible when compared to the long term prosperity, success and happiness that it is bound to bring to you and your family in life.

It would also be unfair to compare our courses, our teachers and our material to any other institute’s (for our courses, our teachers, our infrastructure and everything is by far THE VERY BEST), we for your satisfaction would either beat or match any fee quotation you bring us.


If you want to PREPARE THOROUGHLY from A to Z for your PTE test.

If you want a course that not just updates you with the tricks but also TRAINS YOU at them.

If you want plenty of STUDY MATERIAL.

If you want to maximize your chances of clearing the test, in the very first go.

SURE SHOT COURSE is the very best for you!!!!!

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