Customised course, as the name suggests is cut and designed to meet your individual educational needs.

If time is an issue, customised course is an answer!!

Customised course, as the name suggests is cut and designed to meet your individual educational needs. In here, we out rightly make you sit a mock test in order to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, lessons so identified are fit into your availability schedule, and the allocated teacher monitors your performance on a daily basis, to ensure you attain your very best.
This course is your best choice if:

  • If you are doing consistently well in one or two modules and only one or other two modules are giving you a hard time.
  • If your test is five or ten days away and you think smart training can do it.
  • If you are available at irregular or odd timings, CC moves as per your educational needs and time requirements.
  • If you want the teacher to personally monitor your performance.


The customised course recognizes the fact that every student is unique and therefore aims to meet every student’s individual requirements. So, this is a very personalized course wherein a student’s present level is assessed through a test conducted by our trained teachers, who carefully study student’s present level, in order to identify his/her weaknesses and strengths. After that, two teachers collaboratively design a customised syllabus with an aim to bring about the necessary improvement in the level of a student, in the available time. This course teaches you what you actually need to learn.  So, rather than taking up the entire, detailed course, you take up only the lessons wherein you truly need to improve. Meeting the exact needs of students has enabled us to make students score 90/90 in as less as 5 working days.


It is regularly monitored, directed and modified by the requirements and performance of the student.
The customised course has no definite duration. It can be anywhere from as less as a day, to a complete month.
There are no definite timings for the Customised Course. Timings are set and decided as per your availability, no matter how weird it is.
Amazingly, the customised course has had 100% success rate till date. Students have scored from 50 each to 90 each through this course in the very first attempt. Rarely students have had to take up the second attempt.
Students have achieved up to a maximum of 90 points after undergoing CUSTOMISED PTE training.
This course includes all the practice you need. We plan and fit in whatever is required in the time you make available to us.
We know everyone loves EXTRA, so apart from individual attention and quality lessons we provide you three books, 16 mock tests, 25 sample essays, collocation list, phrasal verb list and a PTE vocabulary enhancement book when you join this course. Moreover, our GURUKUL is happy to have you to practice, as long as you please.
Though it would be unfair to compare our courses, our teachers, our material, our service to any other institute’s because our courses, our teachers, our infrastructure and everything is by far the best and far above for all local comparisons. Still, for your satisfaction we would either beat or match any fee quotation you bring us.


If you want to make the best use of your limited time.

If you want a course that does everything for you from tricks to strategies to practice to individual attention from the teacher.

If you don’t have time to go through the STUDY MATERIAL on your own.

If you want to maximize your chances of clearing the test, in a real short time.

CUSTOMISED COURSE is the very best for you!!!!!

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